I owe a large debt of gratitude to the following individuals:

Karen M. Mulvey, who assisted in every stage, and whose ideas and suggestions were invaluable;

Dr. Paul Yachnin, who reviewed an earlier draft and made a number of very helpful suggestions and observations. I am particularly grateful that such a distinguished, professional Shakespearean scholar was willing to take my amateur, non-scholarly work seriously;

Dr. Sara Munson Diets, who also reviewed an earlier draft, also took it seriously, and provided thoughtful feedback.

Neil Freeman, whose tome I treasure and whose comments on an earlier draft are greatly appreciated;

Dr Neil Jones (Cambridge) and Gary Watt (Warwick), distinguished legal scholars of the period, who each reviewed earlier drafts. I am most grateful to Dr Jones for correcting some of my misapprehensions about sixteenth century English law and procedure; in particular, for his elucidation of both the Bill of Middlesex and the Statute of Uses.

Dominic Green, who also reviewed an earlier draft with an eye to the history of the period.

Hon. Mark Davidson, a distinguished Texas state trial judge, who confirmed that my analysis of the dynamics of the trial scene is accurate.

Celia Pilkington, Archivist at the Inner Temple, and Michael Frost, who provided information concerning the image of The King’s Bench.

Ben and Fran Teague, dear friends who gave freely of their time and attention. I will sorely miss Ben, and grieve with Fran; and

Dr. H (Helen) M Ostovich, who graciously provided helpful information.

These acknowledgements do not imply that anyone has agreed with what I have written, or that anyone else should be blamed for any errors.

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